William Laplante

Founder & CEO of Set It Up Digital agency

As the leader behind Set It Up Digital Agency, William brings a dynamic blend of expertise in web design, marketing strategies and effective leadership. With his proven track record in the digital realm, sales, real estate and various other industries, he thrive on leveraging my extensive expertise to drive exeptional results.

With a passion for excellence and phenominal communication skills, he takes pride in meticulously crafting strategies and solutions that surpass expectations. He is commited to going the extra mile to ensure every project is a success, always ready to push forward and optimize every opportunity.

A seasoned web designer, marketer and social media manager, he is dedicated to assembling a team of top-tier experts in their respected fields. Together we collaborate to deliver unparalleled digital solutions and elevate brands to new heights.

Beyond business, he is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to making a positive impact. Whether it’s cultivating a thriving work culture or empowering clieints to acheive their goals, he is fueled by the opportunity to create lasting success and business relationships

William Laplante Owner Of Set It Up Digital Agency


Web Designer | Marketing Consultant | Social Media Manager | Team Leader


Our goal is to help SMB have the best digital service to help their business grow. We want to help 300 businesses in 2024 to reach their goals through digitalization.

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Rhythm Bhatia

Founder & CEO

Rhythm is a researcher with 7 years of corporate experience in applying Artificial Intelligence to diverse fields, including Medical Data, Banking Data, Cryptocurrency, Music/Speech Segmentation, Bird Audio Generation and more. She has published in prestigious conferences and is currently pursuing a PhD in Big Data analytics on person-centered data at the University of Eastern Finland. For additional details, check out her portfolio

 Founder and CEO of “Cognozire: Artificial Intelligence Consultancy” https://cognozire.in/ , where she works on super cool Artificial Intelligence problem statements along with our Ai team. 

She is pursuing her PhD from the University of Eastern Finland. Here, she works on “From big data to person-based learning analytics: exploring the opportunities and challenges” under the guidance of Prof. Matti Tedre and Mohammed Saqr. She is a member of the edTech research group http://www.uef.fi/edtech and http://impdet.org/ . Rhythm has also worked on cryptocurrency, life expectancy, stress analysis, music/speech segmentation, bird call generation and segmentation, bird call clustering and big data analytics. Recently, she has been selected as the Chairperson of India-Finland alumni community where we will work on bridging the gap between both the countries creating more opportunities for youth and companies. She is an external faculty at DHBW, Germany teaching Linear Algebra and Calculus.

Rhythm Bhatia Owner of cognozire


Rhythm is working on deep learning, pattern recognition, education technology, machine listening, audio signal processing. She also has mentored students while working for Google Summer of Code(GSoC) and Women in music information retrieval(WiMIR).


My goal is to build the best Artificial Intelligence consultancy firm globally. I enjoy working on challenging and path breaking problem statements. 

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Ashwani Chaturvedi

Founder & CEO

An accomplished strategic manager, businss / team leader and experienced industry analyst with specialist expertise and knowledge in current and emerging Enterprises information technologies. A strong bias and interest towards the partical application of advanced information technology solutions to optimise complex business and industrial operations. Highly experienced with a broad range of skills covering all aspects of strartegic and operational business management, sales and marketing (up to including board-level positions). Successful in developing and managing senior relationships in global ‘blue-chip’ organisations. Blended with a strong technical / software developement background and excellent communication skills with the ability to translate complex technical topics into an understanding an actionable business context.

Ashwani Chaturvedi owner of MAD

My Apps Development

Mad doesn’t only mean My Apps Developement, it means MAKE A DIFFERENVE!

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Sunita Choudhary


Sunita is Founder and CEO of MarquInMedia & The Revenues, working in the marketing and social media field. Helping companies grow their online prescence with social media platforms, 

Her grit and commitment to excellence, combined with her insightful communication helps elevate your brand and generates the best result for your brand campains.

Her knowledge acqired during her MBA & Business Finance studies benifit our team with valuable skills help businesses thrive. 

Furthermore her profound grasp of web design, digital marketing, e-commerce, content marketing, videography and graphic design are an asset to our team and your business. 

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TheRevenues is a social media channel that provides quality news to inspire and inform about all topic from the Tech world to self developement and more.


Displaying her content creation skills, her editing skills and her understanding of the social media world.

Inspire by leading


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