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Web AI with Set It Up Digital Agency

Set It Up provides Web Design, Mobile App Development, SaaS, Digital Marketing , Blockchain & NFT development, AI Solutions,  FinTech and E-commerce and Social Media services.

We differenciate ourselve through custom work. Our teams have years of experience in their dedicated fields and provides the best service, meeting each customized goal.

Set It Up – along with its majority owned and controlled subsidiaries – is a upcoming leader in next-generation digital services and development. The company provides end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology. The company provides solutions that span the entire software life cycle encompassing Ai, web & Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing services. In addition, the company offers Block chain & NFT development services. Social Media management including content creation and video editing services. 

Set It up works with specialized teams. Each team has their own set of skills for the highest quality work results.

My Apps Development team has 47+ employees which includes developers, designers and management Team as of March, 2024.

Cognorize team has 4 employees and growing, specializing in Ai technology.

Marqueinmedia team has 8 employees dedicated to Social media management and marketing specialists. Content creators and video editors with connections to big brands.

Our Strength is in our specialist.

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Each project have their own complex requirements and take different times.

Contact us to create a strategic plan and get your answer.

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For each referal that signes with us you get a referal bonus. Contact us for more information.

All earning depends upon as per the requirement and project size.

Set It Up offers a complimentary initial consultation to understand your organization’s needs and discuss potential solutions. During this consultation, we will provide a general overview of our services and how we can assist you. Specific pricing for our services will depend on the scope and complexity of the project and we will provide a detailed proposal after the initial consultation.

In most cases, Set It Up can provide the necessary resources for AI projects, including data, infrastructure and expertise. However, the specific resource requirements may vary depending on the project’s scope and complexity. During the initial consultation, we will assess the resource needs and discuss any requirements with the client to ensure a successful project implementation.

In free strategy call we review your e-commerce store and Google Ads account. Based on analysis we give you an idea of what can be improved and what results you should expect if you move forward with us.

We have worked with e-commerce stores based in USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Germany and many more.

We Deliver Results Worldwide ! 

You should choose Set It Up for innovative solutions, personalized strategies and our dedicated team commitment to bringing your digital goals to life. 

Our proven records and results will elevate your online presence. 


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We have a simple process, 

Fill the contact form and choose a date and time for your strategy call. You’ll meet our founder and you can discuss further. As Simple as it can be. 

In short, Our service pays for itself.
We discuss marketing budgets and goals according to your needs and goals. Once we have established our strategies we talk about monthly retainers according to the business.
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Mobile App Set It Up Digital Agency

My Apps Development was established in 2014,When India’s start-up culture was being promoted By the government. In just over a year, a lot of New companies have come up with brilliant Ideas that have led to the betterment of Society. We want to join hands with such Start-ups and do our bit by helping them, Staying true to the motto – “Make A Difference. “The idea is to assist these growing start-ups to Have a better reach for their Business with a mobile

application at the Best Price. If you have no clue about how the Mobile app market works, then you don’t Need to worry.

My Apps Development is located at

Krishe Emerald, Kondapur Main Road, Laxmi Cyber City, Whitefields, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 

Custom AI Solutions Set It Up Digital Agency

Cognozire offers a wide range of machine learning and AI solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This includes data analytics, predictive modeling, natural language processing, neural networks, artificial intelligence and more.

At Cognozire, we work on a wide range of AI problems and projects. Our expertise covers various domains, including natural language processing, computer vision, predictive modeling, data analytics, recommendation systems and more. We are dedicated to tailoring AI solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they are individuals or enterprises. If you have a unique AI problem or requirement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can assist you.
Social Media Management with Set It Up Digital Agency

MarqueInMedia does all types of marketing. From Google ads and targeting, e-comerce strategies, meta ads and more.

The proof is in the results. Have a look.


We will start implementing changes from day 1. Generally it takes 10-30 Days for optimisation and you can expect results from 2nd month.

In some cases ( based on ad account ) optimisation is as fast as 7 days.

We work closely with your brand to set up your branding and your desired results on our strategy call. 

We can do simple content creation to complex video editing for social media.

Posting and captions, analytics tracking, virtual assistance, dm selling ect.

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